Rex Teflon
La-de-da Archive, vol. 1 (there’s no fi like lo fi) 2001
Alienated (there’s no fi like lo fi) 2001
Blue Man Can
The Blue Man Can (Banannas) 1993
Family Fun (Sony) 1995
Temporary Madness cd-s (Sony) 1995
Fairweather Friends cd-s (Sony) 1995
Hedgehog cd-s (Sony) 1994
Cloud #9
Le Grande Parade (Werf Records) 1986
Journey To The Vast Unknown (Syntone) 1980
Alfter The Silence (Syntone) 1981 - Dutch vinyl release
So It Goes / She And Her Shadow (WEA) 1983
After The Silence (WEA) 1982 - Europe Vinyl Reissue
After The Silence (Marquee) 2008 - Japan CD Reissue
After The Silence (Media Arte) 2008 - Korea CD Reissue
The Correlated ABC (BR 6446) 2010 - Dutch triple vinyl release
The Correlated ABC (FB 4869) 2011 - International 2 cd re-release (Musea, Metz, France)
Arjen Lucassen - Pools Of Sorrow (harmonica op 'Midnight Train') 1983
Wouter Planteijdt - Planteijdt W. (piano op 'Watching The Door') 1998
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